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Bret Carter has been creating hilarious games since he was a kid. As a teacher, thousands of people have enjoyed the games he’s created over the years, but this site is focused on the murder mystery party games he’s created. Bret has written many murder mystery games but below you’ll find a selection of 3 of his best and funniest murder mystery games that have been refined to be as easy as possible for you to run and to play.

For players: they are easy to play and give them a great opportunity to impress you with their cheap but creative costumes!
For you (the host): these are easy to setup. You will not be pulling your hair out. We provide clear directions and tips on how to set up the game.

Check out our current murder mystery party games below in the Featured Murder Mystery Party Games area.  These games are tested for maximum fun, and we will be adding new games in the future – so don’t worry – you won’t run out. If you have any questions please contact us. We’re always looking for ideas and love to hear feedback from those of you who have hosted a party and experienced a mystery.

Happy gaming!
The Fog Light Games Team


Featured Murder Mystery Party Games

  • "Cold Feet" Murder Mystery Party Game

    For 12 - 20 players

  • "Heroic Measures" Murder Mystery Party Game

    For 12 - 20 players

  • "The Jupiter Gambit" Murder Mystery Party Game

    For 12 - 20 players


Murder Mystery Party Blog

It’s not too late for your Halloween party!

October 7, 2010

Our murder mystery party games are meant to be up and running in just days. As long as you can give your friends some notice about which character they are supposed to be, you’re golden! We’ve made a point to keep any costumes in the easy but funny category. Your friends probably already have everything [...]